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Mature content
RWBY - Ruby x M!G!Reader Prologue :iconshadowwalker980:ShadowWalker980 1 3
Bioshock | A Cold Hell | Ch 2
First Chapter:
Big Brother POV
I was currently walking through Ryan Amusements, so far the only sound is my heavy foot steps, that was until I heard a voice "Jammed dandy that'll get you into the park, but buying incinerate gonna cost Adam, Its a sort of genetic goo that lets ya re-wright whatever God gave ya, The little sisters carry the stuff as you may recall so you'll need to locate one I heard whispering near the El Dorado lounge, have a look" curiosity getting the better of me I decided to hide just outside the entrance door to see who this new person was
As I turn the corner, the door opens, and I was staring at a old Alpha series, but whats odd that he didn't have his little sister, but he seems to still have his sanity, I was about walk away when I heard that v
:iconshadowwalker980:ShadowWalker980 2 11
Fnaf (FemFoxyXMaleReader) It's Been So Long ch 15
Last time
I hope your not comfortable with how things look now because tomorrow there going to be much better
(Y/N) P.O.V
It's been around a day since I have last been at the pizzeria, I told the guys what was in store for them and that I decided to take a break from work, I unlock the door to the pizzeria and lock it behind me, as I walk into the dining area I noticed that everything seems newer, the paint on the walls is no longer peeling and chipped, theres new tables and chars, theres a white table cloth on all of them, but what surprised me the most was that Pirates cove was open, all the wood was bran new, there was a treasure chest filled with plastic gold coins, but there was one thing that was off. The gang wasn't around.
(Y/N): "Hmm, wonder where they could have went"
And as if just on cue I was tackled to the ground from behind
???: "(Y/N)! YOUR BACK!"
(Y/N): "Yah, missed ya to Foxy"
As Foxy and I got up, the others were walking into the room, and they all looked so much
:iconshadowwalker980:ShadowWalker980 3 8
Bioshock | A Cold Hell | Ch 1
Rapture, a once great underwater city, now in ruins, this city was founded by a man named Andrew Ryan; also the owner of Ryan industries, Ryan dreamed it would be: a paradise of freedom and prosperity, but only for it to fall, now the only things that roam these halls are the Big Daddies and Big sisters along with their Little Sisters, and the corrupted and insane people that once lived in rapture are nothing now but Splicers who cave only one thing, ADAM. But they were not alone, there was one more man in this cold and unforgiving place.
Deep within Rapture, nothing was to be heard except the dipping pipes and the loud thumping steps of a strange man, he stood a little under half a foot of a Big Daddy, but taller than the Big Sisters, he wore a modified Alpha diving suit, it had the helm of a Big Sister only it was larger, it had amor plates on his shoulders, front, back and forearms, on his left was a retractable harvester to collect ADAM from all of his fallen foe's, on his right wa
:iconshadowwalker980:ShadowWalker980 3 2
Fnaf (FemFoxyXMaleReader) It's Been So Long Ch 14
Last Time
Goldi: "Well (Y/N), the thing is were not just animatronics, were those kids"
(Y/N): "Wha-What?"
Now Time
*(Y/N) P.O.V*
(Y/N): "If this is some kind of sick joke"
Freddy: "No, No, It's the truth"
(Y/N): "Oh really, If it is true, tell me something only they would know"
Then Bonnie came over to me and whispered something into my ear
Bonnie: *whispers* "you had a crush on Falicia"
I then felt my face heat up, and go multiple shades of pink and red
Freddy: "You ok (Y/N)?"
(Y/N): "Y-Yes I'm fine, Bonnie just proved that you are indeed telling the truth"
Freddy: "Oh really? what did he say?"
Bonnie: "I just said tha-"
(Y/N): "Thats not important right now!”
Chica: “I think I know what Bonnie said”
(Y/N): “Say it and you’ll end up on KFC’s menu”
Chica: “Uhhh…. never mind”
Freddy: “Ok, well now that thats over with, I over heard your Boss this morning, he said something about a leaving a note in your office”
:iconshadowwalker980:ShadowWalker980 3 3
Gaster on my laptop by ShadowWalker980 Gaster on my laptop :iconshadowwalker980:ShadowWalker980 0 0
Fnaf (FemFoxyXMaleReader) It's been so long ch 13
been a while since i summited a chapter for this story, P.S. If you have read my other story I'm bringing the way the dialog was made into this story, it's just easier to read and to see who's talking, my opinion
last time
It was a long time ago, I just hope I can bring myself to tell them the truth
now time
*(Y/N) P.O.V*
(Y/N): "Freddy, I... I got something I need to tell you all"
Freddy: "(Y/N)? Is that you? were in the dining room"
(Y/N): "Your all here, good"
Bonnie: "Something you wanted to tell us?"
(Y/N): "Yes, well you remember when I told you about when I saw those kids die?"
Freddy: "Yes"
(Y/N): "Well I didn't tell you one thing, they... they were my friends, my only friends in fact, I even know who's in who"
Chica: "What do you mean by 'who's in who'?"
(Y/N): "I mean I know what kid was stuffed into you guys, Billy was in Bonnie, Clare
:iconshadowwalker980:ShadowWalker980 4 1
Fnaf (FemFoxyxMaleReader) It's been so long ch 12
OH MY GOD, I have finally gotten over my writers block, I am so sorry about that, I know a lot of you have been waiting to see the new chapter so, with out further a due, here ya go
Last Time
What was I thinking, trying to kill (Y/N), he was a kid back then so he could have done nothing to stop what happened, I have to apologise to him for scaring him before, and I'll see if I can get Freddy to give me permission to tell him the truth about us
Now time
* Mr. Fazbear (Boss) P.O.V*
Wow, he really did a good job on all of ya, not only did he fix your robotics, he made ya safer as well, I'm quite surprised he did what he did with what little we have, well it's almost 6:30, time to get this place open for the day
*(Y/N) P.O.V*
As I got home I heard a familiar voice "Hey (Y/N), how was work?" I look up to see Samantha on the bench, "Oh, hey, w
:iconshadowwalker980:ShadowWalker980 6 6
Fnaf (FemFoxy x MaleReader) It's been so long 11
Before the story starts I just want to say I'm so sorry for the delay in updating, just school has been giving me a lot of homework so i haven't been able to do so, but now i have the time today, again sorry for the delay
P.S. it's getting sorta tricky to do a this --> (you said sorry) so I'm starting to do it normally (e.g I said sorry) just though i let y'all know
Last time
"No you didn't, unless you count the Parts/service room, some spare masks and a out of order endoskeleton"
Now time
*(Y/N) P.O.V*
After we all gathered in the main room I decided to explain to them what had just happened "Listen guy's, with what just happened, who you saw, it wasn't me, the real me, it was the me that held all of the anger at my father, I've been like this ever since.... ever since THAT day, when I heard those four words, those four evil words, they changed
:iconshadowwalker980:ShadowWalker980 6 7
Fnaf(FemFoxy x MaleReader) It's been so long Ch10
Last time
"...lets just say I'm in his dept"
Now time
*Plushtrap's P.O.V*
It's been about a hour and forty minutes since (Y/N) ran into the Parts/Service room, the banging hasn't stopped, it just grew louder, I was about to get up off the table but the bunny came over to me "H-Hey, do you think that (Y/N) is going to be ok?" I gave out a worried sigh "I-I don't know, this is the worst I've seen him be" just as I said that, the door to the parts/service room burst open, sending the chair I propped up against it across the room, but that was the least of my worries, (Y/N) was free, and still in his trigger word trance, but something was off, he didn't look normal, his eye's were pitch black and had white pupils, and there was a black flame surrounding him, but his body was still visible, but what scared me the most was his smile, his toothy white smile stretching from ear to ear, "QUICKLY EVERYONE INTO THE OFFICE NOW!, YOU WONT STAND A CHANCE AGAINST HIM!" the four obeyed my order, and I
:iconshadowwalker980:ShadowWalker980 6 4
Fnaf(Fem Foxy x Male Reader) It's been so long Ch9
last time
"Yep good ta see you old friend"
now time
*(Y/N) P.O.V*
"Plushtrap it's good to see you after so long, how are ya?" you haven't seen plushtrap since you were about 8, and you were extremely excited to see your childhood friend ageing "Ya, I'm good, and I can see your doing well, since ya know, your not dead yet" plushtrap said as he pointed to Freddy and the gang behind you "Oh, plushtrap you got it all wrong, these guys aint the nightmare models, they are the more up to date ones's" as you said that Freddy came over "Wait?, 'nightmare models', 'more up to date one's' whats going on?" you turn to face Freddy "Well ya see Freddy, you and your gang are not the very first originals, your based off them, Iv'e seen all three pizzerias, thats including this one as well, you see before you guys were 'The toys' and before them were the 'Originals', this pizzeria is the most successful since it's been open for twenty two years, the first one closed a year within opening and the second
:iconshadowwalker980:ShadowWalker980 11 3
Fnaf(Fem Foxy x Male Reader) It's been so long Ch8
last time
I might go visit him, after all we have a lot of history together *laughs demonically*
now time
*(Y/N) P.O.V*
It was now 11:00, the pizzeria closed at 10:00, and you shift started at 12:00, but you now decided to go there an hour early so that you'll have more time to work on the gang and the cove, you were in your garage packing up your Pick up truck with wood paint and tools to fix up and the cove, after you finished packing the truck you went up to your bedroom and got dressed into your security uniform, Samantha said that she would be fine at home, so after saying good by to one other you left for the pizzeria
*20 minuts later*
You had arrived at the pizzeria, you firstly gadded the wood, about 3 planks under each arm, it was a struggle to get in but you managed it, after you got in you started to walk over to the cove, Freddy saw you with the wood, and came over and said "Are you getting into wood work (Y/N)?" you gave him a confused look, but after a second you realised
:iconshadowwalker980:ShadowWalker980 11 6
Fnaf(Fem Foxy x Male Reader) It's been so long Ch7
Last time
after exchanging goodnight's you went to sleep, it was the best sleep you had in a long time
Now time
*(Y/N) P.O.V*
You were awoken by the alarm on your phone that indicated your shift was over, You got out of Foxy's hammock and before you went out of pirates cove you saw that Foxy was in her position, standing there with her upper body limp, as you exited pirates cove you saw your boss, luckily he didn't see you come out of the cove, "Hello my boy, you all right? You look like you've just gotten out of bed" as he said this you imminently realised he was talking about your bed hair, after fix in it you said "Sorry I must have fallen asleep in my office, It's been a long time since I've done these hours" he gave a small chuckle "Ah, It's ok, hmm? whats this?" he started to walk over to Pirates Cove, You mentally face palmed yourself because you had left the curtain open, he then turned to you after giving Foxy a good look over and said "(Y/N), Did you do this?" after a second
:iconshadowwalker980:ShadowWalker980 11 5
Fnaf(Fem Foxy x Male Reader) It's been so long Ch6
Last time
"There, There, It be ok lad, it be ok"
Now time
You now had settled down, and you saw they all had worried faces, "Looks like I have some explaining to do" you walk over to a table and sit down as do the others, before you get the chance to speak Freddy says "You don't have to explain anything if you don't want to, I can see just by you seeing Goldie, it has brought up some unpleasant memories" "No, it's ok, I just really need to get this off my chest, Well for as long as I can remember my dad never loved me, he hit me, beat me, cut me and threatened me, he also did all of that to my mum, when I was a teenager, I hit depression, was sent to the hospital multiple time for truing to off myself, but it wasn't me cutting my wrists, It was my mum walking in on my with my dad's gun on my forehead, don't know why I didn't pull the trigger, I guess the only thing keeping me from doing so was my mum and cousin, Cathie, when I turned sixteen I found out my dad's plan, he was trying to
:iconshadowwalker980:ShadowWalker980 11 5
Fnaf(Fem Foxy x Male Reader) It's been so long Ch5
Last left off
Back to now
*(Y/N) P.O.V*
You were now in the corner of you office, in the festal position, Foxy and Freddy were just looking at you with worried expressions on their faces, "Lad?, Are ye ok?" "Foxy, I think I know who he saw *sigh*, I think he saw my brother" "Wait ye don't mean Gol-" you cut of Foxy by screaming "NO DO NOT SAY THAT NAME, THAT IS A EVIL NAME!" then all of a sudden a deep demonic voice was hear though out the room "Oh, that hurts, I had no idea you thought of me that way (Y/N)" then Golden freddy appeared out of thin air "Come on (Y/N), we have so much history together, and we haven't seen each other in a long time, the least you could do is say hello" Freddy then stepped in between you and Golden freddy "Now, Brother I don't know what you mean by 'history together' but I can tell it's not good, so go back to your hiding place" with that Golden freddy
:iconshadowwalker980:ShadowWalker980 16 7
Fnaf(Fem Foxy x Male Reader) It's been so long Ch4
Where we last left off
"Samantha, told you, oh and uuuh she told me about what happened here, with those kids" "*sigh* Ye were bound ta find out soon or later, also lad, Thank ye for fixing me up" "No problem, anytime"
Now back to the story
For the past hour you and Foxy were talking, well mostly you talking and her listing "Hey, I just wanted to say Im so-" "Hey, Foxy it's ok, I know you didn't mean to bite me, if thats what you were about to say" "Well, yes that was what I was about ta' say to ye' lad" "It's ok, I mean come on you wouldn't wan a bite your first mate" just then Foxy started to blush, but it wasn't enough for you to notice "F-first m-mate?"
"Yah don't you remember, before you bit me, I asked you if I could be your first mate?" "Oh r-right of course, how could I ferget that" just then you started to panic because bonnie left the stage and you couldn't find him anywhere
*Foxy's P.O.V*
Just the I saw (Y/N) panicking, and looking through the cameras franticly, I knew what
:iconshadowwalker980:ShadowWalker980 11 6


Mature content
Mother And Child (Filia X Male Reader) :iconignoblefiend:IgnobleFiend 19 18
Ogre-Sized Love - Tionishia x S!M!R!
(A/N: This is a request by Zenturion231.)
(Note: I do not own Monster Musume or its characters. This is just a fan fiction for fun. Enjoy.)

Ogre-Sized Love - Tionishia x Shy! Male! Reader!
3rd Person P.O.V.:
A man with (H/C) hair was walking towards the checkout with a cart of groceries. This man is known as (Y/N) (L/N). His (E/C) eyes were showing that he was stuck in his own thoughts. While he was standing in line, he started to think about a conversation he had on the phone earlier that day.
(Y/N) was sitting in his chair in the living room, flipping through the channels. After another couple seconds of not finding anything to watch, his phone started to ring. (Y/N) looked at his phone and, thanks to caller ID, answered the phone with a slight smile.
(Y/N): H-Hey, S-Smith.
Smith: Hello, (Y/N). Still as shy as ever I see.
Smith and (Y/N) knew each other for some time now. They both met during high school and quickly became friends. They kept in touch during a
:icongiantm137:GiantM137 23 16
Mature content
The Loving Dead ( Zombina x Male!Reader ) :iconpsajchol:Psajchol 51 23
Last of His Kind. Bayonetta X Male Reader

Artwork By: DarikaArt
(F/c) = Favorite Color
(H/c) = Hair Color
(H/l) = Hair Length
(E/c) = Eye Color
(F/n) = First Name
(L/n) = Last Name
(M/n) = Main Or Preferred Name
Last Of His Kind. Bayonetta X Male Reader.
Requested By: ManicBulbs on DeviantArt
(Your POV)
That was tasty… Thankfully it also satiated my hunger. Man, being this sucks sometimes. Especially around about now. Christmas the humans call it? They celebrate the birth of a savior I think… Even if you think about it he would have to have been born in the spring since winter cold snaps in the desert would’ve likely killed him regardless of his ‘demi god’ status. He was a chill dude though. Didn’t hate me like the angels do. Same with that Prophet from the middle east. He was alright to. I can’t quite pronounce his name. I think they got Easter and Christmas a bit backwards for that carpenter though. Poo
:iconsilver0whisp:Silver0Whisp 47 17
Shapes of Love (Asia X Mreader)
AN: God, it’s been sooooooooo long since I posted anything here. I am sorry for that guys, I just been busy on Wattpad. Somehow, I know I would happen. Anyway, I am hoping to get back on track a bit. I will be posting here every so often now, instead of my regular schedule I had while in school. But anyway, here is something to tied you guys over.
(Your POV)
I laid out on the lawn near the track field, my eyes shut as I enjoyed the warm day. The wind blowing slightly, creating a perfect balance between temperatures. Now, I would be pretty much asleep at this point, but my mind was full of thoughts, these thoughts all having to do with pretty much innocent incarnate, Asia Argento. I met her when
:icondragonslayerman6:dragonslayerman6 27 40
Mature content
Suave ( Midnight x Male!Villain!Reader ) :iconpsajchol:Psajchol 42 29
Mature content
Crime (Fem Torchwick X Male Reader) :iconignoblefiend:IgnobleFiend 52 36
The Punk and The Princess - Sonia x M!P!R!
(A/N: This was a request by Darklucaroak. FYI, I started this before I left for D.C. so I might have forgotten some of the plot a little but nonetheless I hope you like it.)
(Note: I do not own Danganronpa or its characters. This is just a fan fiction for fun. Enjoy.)

The Punk and The Princess - Sonia x Male!Punk!Reader!
3rd Person P.O.V.:
A boy was currently standing behind Hope's Peak Academy, not caring that class has already started. This boy is known as (Y/N) (L/N) of Class 77-B, or the Super High School Level Punk. He had (F/C) hair, (E/C) eyes, ripped jeans, a black shirt, (F/C) shoes, and piercings on various parts of his face. He was spinning a butterfly knife around in his hand and sighed to himself.
(Y/N): This can be quite boring at times. I wonder if she'll come by again and annoy me. She better not or else I'll f*cking-
???: (Y/N)!
(Y/N): Speak of her and the damn devil shall appear.
(Y/N) put his butterfly knife away and looked over, seeing a tall girl with long
:icongiantm137:GiantM137 14 18
Mature content
Big Love (Tio X MReader) :icondragonslayerman6:dragonslayerman6 46 16
Mature content
Strong as a Bull (Cathly X MReader) :icondragonslayerman6:dragonslayerman6 41 15
Mature content
The Reaper and The Witch - Glynda Goodwitch :iconfabiur:FabiuR 31 7
Joke's On You (Joker x Child!Reader)
 Joker (c) DC Comics
 You (c) yourself
 All adaptions of the characters are free to use!
 "Step on it, Harls!" Joker commanded as he glanced back to see if the Gotham police were still chasing them. It was nothing more than another typical day of robbing Gotham City Bank, draining it of its money and playing a few tricks onto the workers.
 Harley dived into the driver's seat and slammed her foot onto the gas pedal. The purple Lamborghini roared to life and zoomed off, zigzagging through the streets. "I need some help here, puddin," Harley snapped, swerving away from the incoming bullets from the police.
 "I'm trying the best I can here!" Joker screamed, loading up his AK-47 and peered out of the window. "How about some pie, boys?"
 The AK-47 then launched a stream of balls of cream to the police car's windows, blinding the police from watching where they were driving. One of them indeed swerved around and the other foolishly ac
:iconskystar54:SkyStar54 61 8
A Messy Date (BB-8 x Reader x Poe Dameron)
 A little sequel to The Droid That Saved You in which you finally agree to go on a date with Poe...with BB interrupting...
"BB, where's my shoes?!" The little ball-like orange and white droid huffed angrily as he brushed the shoes behind Poe's black helmet. He really hoped Poe wouldn't find them.
 Poe was up and ready for the date with (y/n) but he needed the last items to his clothing. Luckily, he also had a spare jacket. He didn't mind lending the jacket to Finn though even if he didn't have a spare. He owed Finn one for saving him from the First Order. And now he was going to owe him again when he raced right over to him, yelping about going on a date with (y/n).
 Finn congratulated him and along with Rey's help, the two somehow assembled Poe to prepare for his date. Which he would be ready for if he could find his shoes.
 "BB, I'm serious! Help me look for them!" Poe scrambled about through his quarters, searching through his closet. He ru
:iconskystar54:SkyStar54 94 23
The Droid That Saved You (BB-8 x Reader)
 Hey, if Poe and Kylo can get a lot of reader inserts, how come this little droid can't?
 Just some warning there's a little bit of Poe x Reader as well but not much...
"Can't we keep him?" you called out to your big sister, Rey, who was already marching ahead back to your home.
 "(Y/n), we can't keep him. He probably belongs to someone," Rey said, turning around.
 You had your arms wrapped around the little BB-unit droid, awing over its cuteness and adorableness. You came across it when both you and your sister were laying against your home, discussing over the harshness of Jakku and possibly finding a job somewhere (much to your sister's dismay as she believed your family would come back soon for both of you).
 A sound rippled through the air of a high pitched machine cry. You both got up to see where it was coming from. You saw before you a ball-like droid zooming away in a net, trapped by the scavenger riding a beast. You and Rey came over
:iconskystar54:SkyStar54 155 29
The Dark Side's Pet (Kylo Ren x Cat!Reader)
 More fluff for Kylo will be on its way soon!

 Star Wars (c) LucasFilm
 Toran Pakas/Okelotties (c) me
 You (c) Kylo Ren
 (F/c)-fur color
 (E/c)-eye color
 (Y/n)-your name

 A little cat meowed as she wandered into her owners home. She cried out another one, signaling her late afternoon meal, searching around for her owner. He was fixing up a blaster his buddy gave him before he would go off to find the secret Resistance base to report in his findings about a First Order spy. He wasn't a Resistance member but he still cared about his buddy and hated the Stormtroopers marching in and killing everyone. His head titled up when he heard the faint meow.
 "Oh, (y/n)! I'm sorry. I forgot it was your feeding time," he said. He got up and took out a little fish he bought the other day.
 "Here you go!" he said, sliding over to her.
 The cat meowed happily and pounced
:iconskystar54:SkyStar54 288 33
Drums of Their Thundering Love - Mine x M!R!
(A/N: This was a request by dragonslayerman6. This is going off of the anime. I also have two small announcements. 1.) I made a Wattpad account in case things go awry since Deviantart was bought out by Wix and here is the link to it: I will also be reposting my stories there and continuing on both websites. 2.) I am going to Washington D.C. on Saturday and I'll be gone for a whole week. We more than likely will not take the laptop with us but if I can't I won't be able to write but I will be able to watch or re-watch anime and then add them to my list. Onto the story.)
(Note: I do not own Akame ga Kill or its characters. This is just a fan fiction for fun. Enjoy.)

Drums of Their Thundering Love - Mine x Male! Reader!
3rd Person P.O.V.:
Night Raid's base was currently under attack by Dr. Stylish and his horde of foot soldiers. Right now, most of Night Raid was on the ground due to a poison that is seeping through the air. Unbeknownst to a
:icongiantm137:GiantM137 22 13


Mature Content

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You were six and living in Mistral, you had the same dream as almost every kid, to become a hunter and kill the creatures of Grimm and be seen as a hero in the eyes of many al across Remnant, you and your friends would often go out into the woods and use sticks and branches as swords and maces that were laying of the floor of the forest, make the sound of metal hitting metal with you mouths, completely unaware of the true dangers of the world around you

One day, one of your friends decided it was a good idea to go further into the woods, while some agreed many left as it was nearing dinner time and feared the wrath of their parents as a result of getting home late and of how far they ventured into the woods, thus leaving only four of you closest friends

Clark, was the one who suggested the idea of going deeper into the woods and he was the bravest of the bunch and never backed down from the challenge, but that was only a result of being the most dim-witted person you knew

Clare and Sara, twin dog faunases, both having the ears, Clare being the protector of the duo, never let anyone say anything bad about her or her sister and get away unscathed, she had a mean personality but on the inside was actually careing and nice, Sara on the other hand was the complet opposite of her, she would always hide behind Clare and spoke with a stutter, and she felt like a younger sister to you, and as a result of being shy, the only time she wouldn't be behind her sister if she had warmed up to you, and that took some time

Then there was Jake, he was the more, interesting one of the group, he talked in third person and if he wasn't hanging upside down or running around spewing utter nonsense he would be found with the four of you

The last bit of sun rays with slowly hiding behind the horizon and the tip of the cracked moon was rising covering the world below in a gentle white glow, and yet you five were still out and about pretending to fight each other with swords and any other weapon you could think of, unaware of what was about to happen that'll change your life forever

Clark: "You'll never defeat me! I am the strongest hunter in all the world!"

Jake: "Jake will win, and once Jake dose, Jake will take your head as a trophy!"

Sara: "D-Don't you th-think that's a b-b-bit t-too harsh J-Jake?"

(Y/N): "Don't bother Sara, he's not listening"

Jake: "Jake wants your head!, Give it to Jake!, Give it!"

(Y/N): "See?"

Sara: "O-Oh"

Clare: "Yah, besides once that nut-job wins he'll instantly get bored and run up a tree"

That's when it happened, a creature of Grimm, a Beowolf, bursts out of the shadows, causing you all to run away in fear, and unfortunately losing the sight of everyone, after sever trips and falls, you didn't know how long or how far you ran, but you finally collapsed, out of breath leaving you panting and gasping for air, looking around to see if the Grimm had followed you, you were glad to find that it hadn't, but your thoughts quickly chant to that of your friends, Are they ok? Did they get hurt? Or worse, eaten? You were snapped out of your thoughts when you heard a snap of a twig

(Y/N): "G-Guys? I-Is that you?"

Your question answered buy a powerful hit to the head leaving you dazed and vision blurry, and unable to see your attacker, grabbing you buy the hair they dragged you off to Oum nows where, then you started to hear sobbing and could faintly see the image of Clare and Sara

Thug #1: "We're going to make good with these three"

Thug #2: "Make that five"

Then another man came out of the shadows carrying an unconscious Clark and a bruised and cut Jake, you were too in shock to speak or even move, that's when you blacked out

Hours later you awaken in a room with glass three glass walls and one stone wall with a barred gate, on the other side of the glass were six men in lab coats writing down server all things on note pad or flicking buttons and pressing switches on a panel in front of them, Clare was the first to speak

Clare: "Wh-What d-do you w-want with u-us?"

Scientist: "We are going to see if a Grimm will attack something even if it doesn't pose a threat to it's survival, and you five have kindly 'volenteered' for this experiment"

Sara: "G-God, were g-going to d-die *cries*"

Clare: "No, w-were not, Sara, look at me, w-we are a-all going to get through this"

It was then the barred gate at the other side of the room opened and out came a Ursa, and it wasted no time in charging at easy pray, first taking out Clark with a swipe of it's paw leaving three red gashese down his chest before biting his head of then it simply squashed Jake with its weight by stomping down on him, cruising him into the ground

Right now Clare was just forcing Sara's head into her shoulder so she couldn't see the very brutal death of her friends, but alas the wouldent last thong

It then attacking Clare and Sara, ripping off one of Clare's arms before coming down on her body taking half of it in its mouth before ripping it away eating it, then just simply swipes get at Sara flinging her across the room crashing into one of the glass walls cracking it slightly and then she fall down to the ground dead

It all happened so fast you didn't know what to do, then it started to slowly walk its way over to you


And as much to your shock, and to the scientists, it obeyed you command and stopped moving towards you, and what was just silent for a few seconds seemed like hours, then one of the scientists made the mistake of coming into the test area

Scientist: "Amazing, absolutely amazing, make it do something else"

Oh, how you were going to make him regret those words, you pointed at the scientists and said one word

(Y/N): "Kill"

The Ursa rushed at the scientists and started to kill them, it took out quite a few before being put down, but you then became the main focus of the scientists, and this was when your life became a living hell, as the years went on, you changed in appearance as a result of you sembalence, your hair grew black and reached down to your lower back, it still had remanets of your old hair colour with it having sprinkles of (H/C) all through out it, you grew bone armour much like that of a Grimm on your lower and upper arms, and spikes of bone grew out of your shoulders, even your hair couldn't cover the length of them, and your fingers grew small but deadly claws, and your teeth turned sharp and pointed with your canines growing much bigger than that of a humans, black lines went down from under your eyes and across your cheeks vanishing into your mess of hair, the whites of your eyes now black and your (E/C) irises and a tint of glowing red on the out side that completely took over when angry, which nowadays was almost every day, the tests they made you do left you cold hearted and cruel, with a permanent, but small, frown in place, your only food was the people they forced you to kill or the scraps of food they left you

You only killed them because even if you didn't they will still die, at least you gave them a quick and painless death, and they had left you in ragged clothes, your hair being your only real warmth as the bed they gave you only had a old pillow, they kept you in a cell and treated you like a dog, literally, you had a shock collar around you neck and if you disobeyed any of their commands or attack them with Grimm, they would kill the Grimm and shock you until you were on their verge of passing out, there were days that they didn't do any test but that was because you needed to recover or you could have died and their primary focus lost

Years had passed since you discovered you sebalance and you were now fifteen, and you were currently sitting on your bed, that was until you heard someone talk to you in a manner you had never heard in years

???: "Well, I thought going along with Iornwood would have been pretty boring, but looks like I was wrong"

Looking up from the floor, your red eyes glowing in the dark, you saw a man with what seemed to be a sword on his back, drinking out of a flask

(Y/N): "Who are you?"

Your voice cold and almost completely emotionless

Qrow: "Names Qrow, what are you doing in there?"

(Y/N): "What's it look like, I'm being forced to be a test subject"

Qrow: "You know, it's rude not to tell someone your name after they've told you theirs"

(Y/N): "You never asked"

Qrow: "Toshèy, alright, what is your name then"

(Y/N): "(Y/N)"

Qrow: "Well then, (Y/N), was say we get out of here"

(Y/N): "Don't want to be here any long then I have to"

Qrow then grabbed his sword of his back and with one slash, cut off the door to your cell, then after what seemed like agonising hours of walking you were finally in the out side world once against, having to squint and use your hand to block out the sun because your eyes had gotten to being in the dark for so long, you dropped your hand down closed your eyes and took a deep breath a fresh air, after being in siide the lab for so long, being in the out side world felt like that chains that were holding you down finally broke and setting you free

After some time basking in your freedom, you bordead a air ship where they took off your shock collar and you felt like you could finally breath properly, now you were in a room with three men arguing, them being as you just learned Iornwood, Opzin and Qrow, the topic they were arguing about was you, after they had learned that you could summon and crontroll Grimm, Iornwood wanted to turn you into one of his soldiers, where as Qrow denied that idea saying all he wanted to do was turn you into a weapon and sudjested to Ozpin to put you into his academy but he denied that idea saying that you were too young and it too inexperienced, and honestly you were getting pissed, after years you had finally gotten your freedom only to be argued over like some kind of toy

Iornwood: "If he comes to Atlas, he'll learn respect and discipline be turned into someone the people can look up to"

Qrow: "Sure, that's what you want him for, you want him as a weapon, and he can learn all that at Beacon"

Opzin: "For the last time Qrow, he cannot come to my school, he is simply too inexperienced, he cannot come to Beacon, if your so persistent in this you can train him until he is, then he can come to my school"

You had enough of this, they were talking about you like you weren't even there, you had just gotten your freedom and you weren't about it slip through your fingers, with your eyes glowing red you yelled

(Y/N): "ENOUGH!!!"

They stopped arguing and looked at you in shock

(Y/N): "Listen I don't know the hell you people are, but I am not about to be argued over like some kind of toy that you all want, I am not about to give up my freedom just as soon as I got it back, so you know what I'm going to do, leave and live MY life how I want to"

With that you jumped through one of the manny Windows around you and summoned a Nevermore, and flew away as fast as you could leaving them, and that horrid lab behind
RWBY - Ruby x M!G!Reader Prologue
This story was inspired by Taga-Kun
Till next time guys and gals
Hello people, got Three important things to tell please read them

1. unfortunately, I'm stopping my FNAF story, just lost inspiration for it and I've been out of the fandom for a while to
2. im restarting my Rwby story to be better
3. if any of you have any ideas for my stories I make, send me a note, ill look over it and ill see if I can make it work

thats all
First Chapter:…

Big Brother POV

I was currently walking through Ryan Amusements, so far the only sound is my heavy foot steps, that was until I heard a voice "Jammed dandy that'll get you into the park, but buying incinerate gonna cost Adam, Its a sort of genetic goo that lets ya re-wright whatever God gave ya, The little sisters carry the stuff as you may recall so you'll need to locate one I heard whispering near the El Dorado lounge, have a look" curiosity getting the better of me I decided to hide just outside the entrance door to see who this new person was

As I turn the corner, the door opens, and I was staring at a old Alpha series, but whats odd that he didn't have his little sister, but he seems to still have his sanity, I was about walk away when I heard that voice again "Whoa, easy there sport, that's Big Brother, he ain't one to be messed with, so if you ever want to see that little girl of yours, I suggest you stay well away from him" Now this got interesting, it seems that this old Big Daddy is looking for his Little sister, I felt sorry for they old Daddy, he will either fall to insanity or a coma before he finds his little girl, seeing no reason to stay any longer I left the lone Big Daddy and continued on my way

~ Time Skip ~

I heard a pain induced screech, only capable of Big Sisters, and relying on gut feelings alone I ran straight towards the sound of the Big Sister

When I got there I saw the Big sister and the Big Daddy from earlier, the big sister was up against a wall while staring down a rivet gun of the Big Daddy, Seeing this made my blood boil for some reason, Ive seen this scenario before, but theres something familiar about this Big Sister, my visor turned a deep rage filled red and I let out a roar that shook the entire room

The Big Daddy stopped what he was doing, and before he had a chance to react I had charged into him knocking him down, before he had a chance to get up I had grabbed his foot and started to spin him around, once I hand enough momentum I threw him of the bridge we were on, with him temporarily gone, I turned my attention to the wounded Big Sister
Hey guys and gals, so I've been thinking a little, reading other fanfic's but other really talented people, now these fanfics were of RWBY, and I thought "Hey, why not I make one of these?"  but then I realised I already had two other fanfics up, them being the FNAF and Bioshock, now I know you guys Love the FNAF story i have, so I was thinking if you guys also wanted the RWBY fanfic, I could postpone the Bioshock one since theres is only one chapter up at the moment, so if you want to see the RWBY fanfic, let me know ok? anyways, onto the RWBY fanfic itself, it'll be a little bit different than the others, what i mean is that ill fist post a intro/prolog, then ill go down a list of characters and make their story, e.g 1st Ruby 2nd Wiess 3rd Blake 4th Yang, and in doing so, they'll all be different, but the main character (thats you) will have the same back story (intro/prolog, it wont tell they entire back story, only bits and peaces of it leading up till you arrival at Beacon(thats so i can change your backstory a little bit for each rout) so, again if you want this let me know, and if your a little confused about the description I just gave you tell me and ill try and simplify it as best i can for you, so tell me if you all want this and it shall happen

Until next time guy's and gal's

- ShadowWalker980
Hey Guys an' Gals, just a little update post

So, The Vocaloid story will be deleted soon, (sorry to those who had liked it), It's just not getting enough attention, I mean why post stuff that no one will look at right?, the Fnaf story will continue since that is the most popular out of the two

And Im also thinkin' about starting a Bioshock story, but it wont be about the protagonist of any of the three games, it will be about something else, Here's a hit on who it may be

Deep within Rapture, nothing was to be heard except the dipping pipes and the loud thumping steps of a strange man, he stood a little under half a foot of a Big Daddy, but taller than the Big Sisters, he wore a modified Alpha diving suit, it had the helm of a Big Sister only it was larger, it had amor plates on his shoulders, front, back and forearms, on his left was a retractable harvester to collect ADAM from all of his fallen foe's, on his right was a harpoon attached to his forearm, it had a rope attached to it so he could pull it back to him without having to walk to it, the suit it self was thick and tough as leather, he was slightly hunched over, due to the amor plates on his back that he attached to the suite a while ago, they protected the top half of his air tanks and the back of his neck. This strange man was one of the most feared things in Rapture, those who were foolish enough to get in his way quickly met there demise, for the those who didn't fear him, they either never heard of him or they were Big Daddies, Little Sisters, Big Sisters or met the tip of his harpoon. This man went through the same pressure as a a normal Big Daddy, but he wasn't bound to a little sister, he has the option to if ever wishes to, he did once but his little sister disappeared, ever since then he has not bounded with a little sister, he also has the ability to talk even though he went through the vocal manipulation, but he rarely ever talks now since his little sister went missing.

now thats all I'm going to give, ill post a new chapter of the Fnaf story and the first chapter of the Bioshock story either tomorrow or sunday, try and guess who the strong man is

until next time guys and gals


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